Clinical Social Worker

Psychotherapy Services 

Virtual Trauma-informed Psychotherapy 

Individual Psychotherapy: Effective Trauma  treatment and interventions virtually! *it works!  Try it!

Recovery Coaching: Multiple pathways of recovery capital building

 Interventions: consultation, planning and facilitation

Community Education: Training and education for your group, school or business

Supervision: LICSW  MA & LCSW CT supervision of clinical licensing candidates

Consultant Services:

Expertise in * Domestic Violence Commercial Sexual Exploitation * Human Trafficking * Exiting process and transition support * Demand Reduction Initiatives * Sexual Harassment Prevention * Mandated Intervention Groups * Civil Commitment -Sec.35 * Trauma- Informed Clinical Engagement and Treatments * Gender Specific Care * Grief Work * Loss * Dissociation and Ego States * Alternate Consciousness * Shame * Addictions * 12 Steps *Recovery Capital * Recovery Oriented Systems of Care *  Attachment Repair * PTSD symptom reduction * Empowering & collaborative therapist